Certification Practice Statement and Certificate Policy for Qualified Certificates

This document specifies the practices of the operation and management of Trans Sped’s CAs issuing qualified certificates in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation (910/2014), in accordance with the Romanian Electronic Signature Act (Law No. 455/2001), and in accordance with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute’s Technical Specification EN 319 401: General Policy Requirements for Trust Service Providers.

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PKI Disclosure Statement

eIDAS conform Qualified Certificates for Electronic Signature

This PKI Disclosure Statement concerns the qualified certificates issued by Trans Sped as Trust Service Provider, according to eIDAS Regulation and ETSI standards. The document contains information and conditions for end-users using services corresponding to Certification Policy/Certification Practice Statement.

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General Terms and Conditions

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions (referred to hereinafter as “GTC”) is to set out the detailed regulation of the legal relationship between the services provider, Trans Sped SRL (referred to hereinafter as “Service Provider”) and the party who/which subscribes to the service (referred to hereinafter as “Subscriber”). The Service Agreement established by and between the Service Provider and the Subscriber, this GTC and the applicable Service Policy (Policies), moreover the individual representations agreed by and between the parties will apply and prevail in respect of the legal relationship collectively (referred to hereinafter as “Agreement”).

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